My husband Bob and I decided that since the weather was so perfect we would take a short offshore fishing trip on Father's Day.  He has some good numbers inside of 10 miles, and since we had dinner plans with some friends it needed to be a quick trip.

We got to our first stop to catch some live bait and the next thing you know I am pulling in one sea bass after another and Bob is looking at his depth finder seeing structure he has never noticed at this stop before. (When we don't catch anything on a stop he calls his depth finder a fish cartoon; when we do catch fish, he calls it the greatest invention ever!)

About the time he is wondering out loud why he has never noticed this big hump we are drift fishing over, my pole doubles over and I know this is no sea bass. 

It is a beautiful Red Snapper and is pushing 25"!  What a great dinner.  I am pretty certain that the next trip out, Bob is going to be prowling around that area again seeing what other structure he may have missed there.  We were in 50' of water and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.  The snapper hit our bait which was squid on a small hook. 

To be safe in knowing what fish seasons are open in state and/or federal waters, here are two useful websites.  For Florida's state regulations visit and for federal regulations visit  State and federal rules aren't always the same and they can be confusing, so be careful and know what waters you are in and what the season is for the fish you catch!

Enjoy fishing in the unspoiled waters of The Forgotten Coast! Oh and by the way... SCALLOP SEASON officially opened yesterday and will run thru the latter part of September. Catch my next blog about SCALLOPING in the St. Joe Bay!