The media has been full of stories about the housing market – and although this kind of market normalization is commonplace in the real estate industry, there is no question that here on the Forgotten Coast, houses are currently on the market longer and there is more competition for buyers.

Hire a Professional
If you want to sell your home within a reasonable time frame, now is the time you need a qualified real estate professional. You want to make sure that your home gets the maximum exposure and the best marketing strategy. When you work with me, a Realtor with Prudential Shimmering Sands Realty, your home will be listed on high traffic website as well as in the MLS database that other real estate professionals and the public can access. In addition, you get the benefit of an established company, an experienced marketer and a negotiator who is familiar with real estate issues in the Forgotten Coast area.

Price It Right
A house priced at fair market value piques the interest of real estate professionals and buyers, while overpricing chases them away. With the current level of inventory, if you price your home too high, interested buyers may never even consider your listing since they have so many to choose from.  Study the competing listings, get advice from an experienced Realtor and make sure to look at your house and price it objectively. 

Get Your Home In Show-Condition
Get your home in tip-top shape before any potential buyer views it.  Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Get rid of the clutter. Touch up the paint where needed. Clean the carpet. Consider having your home inspected, and make any recommended repairs. (If there are any repairs you decide not to fix, inform the buyers about the condition of your home and discount the repair cost from the selling price).

Curb Appeal
Don’t overlook the outside of your property. You don’t want a buyer to rule out your home based on the outside appearance. The front of the house needs a clean, fresh appearance. Sprucing up the landscaping is crucial and well worth attention. There are so many properties for Buyers to choose from if they drive up and the home doesn't look appealing from the outside, there's a chance they may pass on seeing it and move on to the next. Curb appeal is imperative!

Offer Incentives
Offering incentives can be just the impetus a potential buyer needs to select your property over others. You may want to consider offering a decorating allowance. You could pay for a professional home inspection or a home warranty – and, depending on your market and budget, offer to pay some of the closing costs.  Owner financing is also a way to make your house stand out. 

Don’t be discouraged if there are competing homes for sale in your area. Making the right moves in your home selling process can give you the upper-hand you’ll need in today’s competitive market.  And if I can help you please give me a call; I’d love to hear from you!