Success Stories

We worked with Kara on purchasing a house on St George Island, earlier this year. She is well known and respected in the community -- everybody knows Kara! ! She is a responsive, knowledgeable, candid and "no pressure" person. She represents her clients' interests to the highest degree, but, also lets them know what is reasonable and what is not during negotiations. We loved working with Kara and will absolutely use her again in the future. Cnorred

Kara helped me thru a very difficult process when a potential buyer backed out and wanted to litigate. To make a long story short, the property is now sold (to someone else) and all is well. Got the price I was looking for also. ceward4692

We fell in love with St George Island and called Kara to look around. She listened to our dreams and lead us to our reality. The first home she showed us was a match. She then partnered us with a lender. Kara gave us the support needed (inspector, utility details, etc) to purchase without being in the area. We closed in 46 days from our first contact. She has been the best realtor I have ever worked with out of all of my home closings. acephotography09

On short notice, we contacted Kara on the last day of our trip in prepping our house for sale on SGI. She immediately made herself available to view the property and give us her perspective on current market conditions. She was the 3rd agent we had interviewed and we're thrilled that we chose her as our agent. Kara's word was good as gold. She did what she said she would, she honored her agreements and she found a buyer for our house quickly.When it came to for inspections, counter offers and the like, she presented us with documents and explanations. I highly recommend her for your real estate needs! rpgoulet1

Kara was the BEST realtor I have ever worked with. I had no idea a realtor could make it as easy as Kara did to find and buy a house from out of town. She leveraged her extensive contact list to execute our short turnaround purchase in advance of our closing date. I would absolutely recommend Kara Landiss and use her again, she is a true GEM. Cdsnipes

Kara has been an awesome realtor for our family. She has found and negotiated the purchase of amazing houses that fit our personal and investment needs. Kara has handled a few purchases between $700K and $1.4M for us on St. George Island. She handled complicated 1031 Like King Exchange and pulling a short sell out of foreclosure deals without issues. I am certain the short sell would not have happened without her knowledge and drive. Value assessments, contract negotiations, inspections, due diligence reviews, closings, and finding the people to help put the final touches on a house to make it like we want, Kara covers all the areas anyone needs to be confident in what they are buying. I highly recommend Kara for your real estate needs! AlpharettaMike

I have enjoyed working with Kara since the day I first met her. She was recommended to us by a local businessman and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Kara has always been very thorough, knowledgeable and responsive. She was also very patient in answering every single one of my questions both day and night. I wish I had found Kara earlier in my house sale process. It wasn't until she took over as my realtor that any real progress was made. Thank you Kara!!! mikki cleaveland

Our experience with Kara was excellent. Being only a vacationer to the area we were not familiar with any realtor and chose Kara from a sign listing her name from a current property for sale. What a great decision we made! Kara is a professional, with a terrific personality, and is a joy to deal with. After visiting the property we would purchase, all our contact with Kara was by phone and she handled everything for us so the closing could be completed on-line as we live over 500 miles from St. George Island. We will be building on the property we purchased within the next year and are assured Kara will continue be there to help us when we need her. djcloninger

Kara had handled a short sale on a lot for me several years ago. With one phone call, I asked her if she'd be willing to take on selling a house - that might end up as a short sale. She immediately accepted and got to work. She applied all of her skills and knowledge as if this was the most important house she had to sell (it was not, and I caught her at a very busy time). She found a buyer almost immediately and the process went through quickly as if no short sale was involved - even though she had extra work on her part to handle with the added documentation and approvals of a short sale. She is clearly the best at what she does - I would highly recommend her for any real estate needs you might have in the Forgotten Coast area audreyweber6

This is the second property we have purchased with Kara's expertise this year. Her knowledge of the market and the island is invaluable and helped us in the negotiation process tremendously. She really goes above and beyond in making sure her clients have the right information. Would not not only recommend her but would go so far as saying don't buy on the island without her. d2789

Kara helped us find a great house that fit our needs and desires on St George Island. She is friendly and open and listens to her clients. Janet & Andy Nash

My husband and I have bought quite a lot of real estate over the years and Kara Landiss is, by far, the best real estate agent we have ever had. She is a genuine, honest, and reliable. We highly recommend this agent for your real estate needs. Dr. & Mrs. Monte W. Phillips

I’ve known Kara since 2005 and she is always looking out for our best interest. She would go out of her way to check out the property for us, to ensure the survey and title were correct and clear when we bought a lot in the Forgotten Coast Area. We are very happy to have met her and would recommend her to anyone we know. Duy Phan

Kara is fantastic at her job, and personable too. She works tirelessly to be sure that the client finds what he/she is looking for, and that you get the best deal possible. I cannot imagine anyone else on SGI holding a candle to her. Kristi Fair

Kara went way out of her to help us during the purchasing experience and still continues to be helpful in so many ways. She is very knowledgeable and takes care of business promptly. I would definitely use Kara as my agent to sale my home or to purchase another. Jackie & Jerre Smithson

Kara does a wonderful job. Our home purchase was a long journey and she worked hard to the finish. We now have a beautiful beach home beyond our expectations. Don Benn & Sue Shively

Kara helped us find and buy a home in Apalachicola, Florida. She worked very hard to locate just the right one and spent many months helping us. After we found the home we wanted Kara helped us close the deal and we welcomed her personal advice without which we would have been quite lost. One other nice thing is that after we moved into our house she was no stranger and assisted us in many other ways to get settled in the community. Whenever we run into someone looking for a home we recommend Kara Landiss. Margo & Duke Biscotti

Kara was very professional and helpful with getting us the deal that we wanted. She has since become a close personal friend of ours with which we feel fortunate to have. They don't come any better! Jim & Lorrie Pettit

Kara is the best! I work at a small liberal arts college in Georgia. I always tell my students I may not know the answers to all of their questions, but I can almost always help them find the answers. That's how Kara was for us. She definitely goes above and beyond to help her clients. We were amazed at how many people we have met in Apalachicola who know Kara. And they all seem to hold her in high regard as much as we do. She has a sincere respect for the area and the people. We love Kara and will definitely be recommending her every chance we get! And now we are on our way toward building our dream home. We thank you so much Kara! Gayle and Jim Doherty

Kara knows the local market very well. Zoning, insurance, and utilities questions were answered promptly. She worked with other agents in a proactive manner to help me find a property. She helped arranged a survey and the closing with no issues. This had to be the easiest property transaction I have ever been involved with. Scott & Tammy Shepherd

The purchase of our home was very complex, to say the least, as there were multiple bidders, it was a bank owned home and required us to go through the bidding process many times. We absolutely could not have navigated this without Kara! She was on the job 24/7 it seemed and advised us every step of the way. Even if an update happened at 10 o'clock at night she would call us right away. My family now considers her a very dear friend. I would not make another move in the real estate market without her. Jeanne Rickerson

Kara helped our family through the process of finding the best house for us; she was always available when we had questions. She is so knowledgeable about the area and was wonderful to work with! Resourceful and went above and beyond! She is still helping us with recommendations. So fortunate to have met her. Katrina & Doug Oliver

Kara was always willing to help me with any questions or concerns that I had during the process of buying my townhome. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for property in the area! Heather Mapp

She is an excellent agent. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home or any real estate needs. Judy Loy, TN

My husband and I recently purchased real estate through Kara Landiss of Shimmering Sands Realty on St. George Island. Kara is a one of a kind realtor and special person...She goes over and beyond for her profession.. If you want to find a special place and a special realtor..Call Kara Landiss on St. George Island, Florida Yvette & Mitch Pierce

Kara’s a very energetic, personable agent with a lot of skills. She was actively involved in the whole process through closing. We are very excited to have our house in Apalachicola and Kara helped us find it! Kara definitely gave us her best as a realtor. So if you're interested in property in the Apalachicola or St. George area I would highly recommend giving Kara a call; you won’t be disappointed. Michael & Lynn Doucette

Marti and I want to thank you for all of your excellent work in selling our "Key West House" on St. George Island. We are both thoroughly convinced that the sale would never have happen without you. When we decided to list the house we knew that the market was still incredibly soft, foreclosures and short sales were just about all that was moving, and buyers were almost nowhere to be found. Nonetheless we wanted to sell the house, so we were going to need good guidance in listing the house, and real skill and hard work to take the deal to closing. We were right on both counts, and it is a good thing we had you managing the process.

Your knowledge of the market convinced us that the house needed to be priced right to have any chance of attracting a buyer, and your dig-into-the-details style developed a listing price based on our house attributes and market comps which made sense and could be justified in any serious discussion with a buyer. Your strategy must have been right, because it produced a buyer in surprisingly short order. Even though the listing price and the first offer price were uncomfortably far apart, your astute reading of the situation and skillful work with the buyer's agent brought in a mutually acceptable signed contract. But as is too often the case in today's market, the road to closing day was full of ruts and huge potholes. What should have been a straightforward deal became very challenged by balky lenders and a very suspect appraisal, each of which might have sabotaged the deal. Your persistent, diligent and skillful efforts in working with and through the buyer's agent helped to resolve these issues and more importantly kept the buyer engaged and resolved to fulfill the deal and to press on to closing.

We hope that all of your sales aren't as challenging and problematic as this one. Whatever the situation, though, we would be the first to recommend you to anyone who wanted to buy or sell property. It was a real pleasure to work with you. Thanks very much.
Marti & Bob Ramont